About Us


Arnab Village is the biggest rabbit park and the first in Sabah. Being here will give you one of the best experience.We collected more than 1000 rabbits here.




5 interesting things in Rabbit Village.
1. Super tame rabbit that you can hug and feel their flu


ffy fur.2. Rabbit from different species such as Anggora, Lionhead, Satin, Rex, Netherland Dwarf, Newzealand White, Holland Loop.
3. See yourself how rabbit live in their natural habitat and feeding them with provided foods by yourself.
4. Not only rabbits, but you also can see our imported cats like parsi, Bengal also hamsters with a background of around the world.

5. We also provide a restaurant with rabbit park landscape around you, and if you able to sing, we also provide a karaoke and all the bunnies become your fans.

Why must come to Arnab Village?
1. Arnab Village is the first biggest rabbit park in Sabah Borneo and already known in several biggest countries such England, Indonesian, Taiwan & Korean.
2. Experience chased by a group of rabbits. You entering their territory then all come to you finding their food in your hand.
3.Experience give a rabbit eat right from your hands/ on your hands.
4.Feeling like being in the bunny wonderland.